Farm & Agriculture Tires, MA

Farm & Tractor Tires in Leominster, MA

Looking for farm equipment tires or tractor tires?

Every minute of down time for your farm and agriculture vehicles is costly to your business and time. Don't let tire troubles with your farm machines or tractor  bring you down because you aren't sure where to find help. At A & B Tire Service, we provide an exceptional selection of tires with the right features for your rugged needs here in Leominster, MA. With tractor and other farm equipment tires built for all sorts of terrain like sand, rock, dirt, or snow, we have exactly what you need to keep working.

We carry the best name brand farm tires including Firestone, Galaxy, Titan, Bkt, and more.

If you are not familiar with your exact needs, contact us at any time and one of our knowledgeable experts in farm and agriculture tires will guide you every step of the way. We will provide you with the most straightforward, quality service possible at the right price to keep you going out there.

About Farm & Tractor Tires

Bias Ply VS Radial Tires

  • Bias Ply tires are made without any structure such as steel belts and are cheaper
    • Not as durable as a radial
  • Radial tires have a structure made with steel belts
    • More durable
    • Steel belts help maintain roundness

Tread Pattern

  • Different tread to fit different needs

Foam Fill

  • Can Foam fill or flat proof to save on tubes and flat repairs
  • Not for all applications
  • Foam filling is expensive


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